The magical power of bias tape

Date: 09.10.20
​​​​​​​Read time: 3-4 min.

Bias tape has a magical power, it fits most fabrics. It is a flexible tape, which stretches. When you sew it on, it follows along the hem of your clothes. Use bias tape as finish for the hem, or as an extra detail for your sewing projects, perfect for necklines and curves. ​​​​​​​

You can sew on bias tape as decoration on clothes, but you can also use it for interior projects. You can hem table mats which gives a nice finish. The bias tape can also create contrasts on a quilted west, quilted jacket, bag, iPad sleeve and more. At the same time, bias tape is fantastic for patchwork. The possibilities are endless.

Sewing with bias tape

Bias tape is for sewing in curves, corners and straight stretches. When you sew with bias tape, you sew straight stitches with approx. 2.5 cm stitch length. While sewing, avoid pulling or stretching your fabric. Let it follow naturally along the hem, to get the best result.​​​​​​​


When you start sewing with bias tape, you fold approx. 2 cm in, so it lies in a double layer. When finishing, you put the one end’s fold into the others’ folded starting point. If you are extending bias tape, you can do the same trick.

As a tool, you can use our corner and edge shaper to shape the bias tape, especially in the corners to make them look pretty. The corner and edge shaper can also hold the bias tape in place, while sewing it on the right side. ​​​​​​​

Edges and seam allowances 

When sewing edges and seam allowances, you start by unfolding your bias tape. Then you put the edges from the bias tape and your fabric upon each other. 

Step 1: Sew the bias tape on the wrong side in the folds, closest to the edge.

Step 2: When you have sewn on the wrong side, fold the bias tape onto the right side, and sew along the edge. Make sure the bias tape is covering the stitching, made before, otherwise it will appear on the front. If the stitching appears on the front, you simply unstitch it.

See our video on How to sew on bias tape


If you sew a sharp corner with 90 degrees, you fold your bias tape along the edge on both the right and the wrong side. When you reach the corner, you sew all the way to the edge and fasten. Turn the bias tape to the next side, so it makes a 45 degrees angle on both side of your fabric. Start sewing from the corner. 

This is an easy way to create a corner, however you must sew on the bias tape on both the right and the wrong side at the same time.


If you want to use bias tape in curves, e.g. necklines or armholes, you simply sew the bias tape on from the wrong side. 

Step 1: Start approx. 2 cm from the edge on the fabric.

Step 2:  Sew all the way around, stop approx. 6 cm before you reach the starting point.

Step 3: Cut the bias tape so there is a two centimeters overlap of the ends.

Step 4: Sew the ends together, and sew approx. 1 cm from the edge. Then press the seams apart.

Step 5: Next fasten the remaining 6 cm of the bias tape. Sew above the seam ends.

Step 6: Fold the bias tape to the right side and fasten it. If the stitching appears on the front, you simply unstitch it.

If you cannot find the right bias tape for your sewing project, you can easily make your own bias tape.

If you have any questions to how to sew on bias tape, or if you are stuck in a project, you are welcome to contact our Customer Service. They are always ready to help you with Tips and Tricks.