Denim in different qualities (oz = ounce) and shades. Our range spans from the lightweight denim fabrics (low ounce), which are particularly suitable for clothing, to the heavy denim fabrics (high ounce), which are also suitable for the home and interiors.  Please note that denim should always be washed before use to avoid rub-off.

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We have a wide range of denim fabrics. We have different types of denim In different tones and qualities with both low and high ounce. We have lighter denims and darker denims so you can find a denim fabric, which suits your style.  

Denim is timeless and always fashionable so this fabric can never be a wrong choice. Our selection of denim fabric includes streth jersey in denim look, which is a fantastic fabric to use for a pair of comfortable tights suitable for both adults and children. We also have cotton chambray, which is a weave fabric wowen with yarn. It is often confused with denim fabric since these two fabrics look much like each other. Cotton chambray is a great alternative to regular denim fabric if you want to try something new. This fabric can both be used for clothing and bed linen.

Denim looks good used for pants, dresses and skirts and the fabric suits most other fabrics and colours. You can use all of our denim fabrics for clothing or for things in your home like pillow cases or laptop covers.

All denim fabrics have a detailed description when it comes to how to wash the fabrics and we also give you some inspiration on what to use the fabrics for. The denim fabric can easily be mixed with other fabrics and you can put your own personal touch on your hobby and sewing projects by mixing different fabrics and materials together.

Remember to wash the denim fabric before using it because of colour contamination. The denim fabrics can be washed normally by 40 degrees in the washing machine.

You can find inspiration for your next big project in our catalogue, which we are very proud of here on our webpage. We also have patterns, where you can choose what kind of fabric you want to use.

We deliver to your door within 5-7 days and sometimes even before that. Welcome to our creative universe – STOFF & STIL.