Teddybear is a soft, solid fabric. It is suitable for lining slippers, snowsuits, work jackets and for teddy bears and other creative purposes in the home such as throws.

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What is teddy bear fabric?

Teddy bear fabric is soft but firm fabric that you can use in a multitude of wonderful projects. In fact, teddy bear is more versatile than you might expect. You can use teddy fabric to line slippers and children’s snowsuits, or to make a cuddly soft blanket.  

How to use teddy bear fabric

You can sew lovely pramsuits for baby in teddy bear fabric. A pramsuit is an excellent piece of outerwear between the seasons, i.e. in the spring and autumn when the weather is changeable. And if you want to spice up baby’s pramsuit, you can add a few patches. Add ready-to-sew ribbed cuffing to add charm to the garment.

Teddy bear fabric is durable and eminently suitable for baby’s first sleeping bag. A sleeping bag is easy to bring along when you are out and about. Put baby inside it in the pram or pushchair when you go exploring the world together.

You can also make cute teddy bear jackets for older children – ideal between the seasons. Embellish with a patch or ribbed cuffing to create your very own look. If you wish, you can add a cute matching bucket hat to the outfit.

Or what about a cosy waistcoat or coat for yourself? You can make a uni-coloured coat, but you can also take pieces of various teddy bear fabrics and put them together in a creative mix. You can even mix teddy bear with other fabrics to create unique designs. Embellish with teddy bear fabric, e.g. make eye-catching, practical pockets on a waistcoat.  

Great projects with teddy fabric

Teddy bear fabric is great for embellishing bags of various kinds. For example, make a mini bum bag that you can wear over your shoulder when shopping with friends. Make lots of fun details with teddy bear fabric.

You can also sew a tote bag in teddy fabric to carry your fitness gear to the gym. Teddy fabric has a soft look. Although not as dirt and water-repellent as other fabrics, teddy bear fabric is easy to wash at 40°C. If you make a bag, add snap fasteners, a zipper or our magnetic buttons to close it. The advantage of using a magnetic button on the wrong side of the fabric is that it is invisible on the right side.

Fancy spoiling the family dog? Line the dog’s basket or make a blanket for your four-legged friend in teddy fabric. When the fabric is soiled, you just wash it in the washing machine.

Teddy bear fabric is also great for making soft cushions or a cosy blanket to curl up in on cold and rainy days. Sit yourself down with a cup of coffee or tea and a good book. Take a break from the rat race!