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Javana fixing agent for batik dye 20ml

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  • Product number: 29652
  • Weight: 63 g per pcs.
  • Regular Cycle 40°C Regular Cycle 40°C
  • Does not tolerate Does not tolerate
  • Hang dry Hang dry
  • Medium heat Medium heat
  • Do not dry clean Do not dry clean
  • Not resistant to bleaching Not resistant to bleaching

Javana fixing agent is a MUST when you work with our batik textile dyes. It locks the pigments and gives your batik projects clearer, brighter and more long-lasting colour.

After dying your fabrics with the batik textile dye solution, thoroughly rinse your dyed fabric in cold water, to remove excess dye. Fill a clean plastic bucket or tub with enough hot water to cover your material. Add 20 ml of fixing agent per 1.4 kg fabric (dry weight) and stir well. Submerge your fabric in the solution and leave it to soak for at least 15 minutes.

Stir regularly to ensure that the fixing agent saturates the fabric well. After soaking, rinse thoroughly. Wash your dyed fabric at max 40°C. Wash the first time separately after dyeing.

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