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Javana opq fabric paints basic 6x20ml

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  • Product number: 29554
  • Weight: 457 g per pcs.
  • Regular Cycle 40°C Regular Cycle 40°C
  • Does not tolerate Does not tolerate
  • Hang dry Hang dry
  • Medium heat Medium heat
  • Do not dry clean Do not dry clean
  • Not resistant to bleaching Not resistant to bleaching

Get off to a flying start with this textile paint starter kit. The kit contains 6 x 20 ml textile paints in basic colours: white, yellow, red, blue, green, and black, plus a Javana brush. This textile paint is easy to work with - it covers both light- and dark-coloured fabrics well.

We recommend that you place a sheet of cardboard or plastic under the fabric while painting so that the paint does not stain the underlying fabric layer. The textile paint is water-based and therefore suitable for use with light- and medium-weight fabrics in, e.g. cotton, denim and other textile blends with up to 20% synthetic fibres. Use this textile paint to spruce up a white cotton T-shirt, a canvas tote bag, or add a personal touch to your favourite denim jeans.

We recommend that you always wash your fabric before starting to paint. Stir the paint well. After painting, leave your project to dry for at least six hours, before heat-fixing with an iron. Take care not to iron directly

When you have finished painting with textile paints, leave to dry for up to six hours before fixing with an iron. Never iron directly onto your project; cover the decoration with a cloth, i.e. a tea towel, to protect it from heat damage during fixation.

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