Fabric painT

MARKO PLUS textile pen
​A permanent pen suitable for decoration on cotton, wool and synthetic fabrics. IMPORTANT: The pens should be stored HORIZONTALLY to obtain the best durability and to avoid the colour to not run.

See also our range of stencils here.

Fabric paint
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Are you looking for fabric paint? Here at STOFF & STIL we have different sorts of textile paints. The MARKO Plus textile pens are good for decoration on cotton, wool and synthetics – and also other types of fabrics. Remember to store the pens in a horizontal position to keep them from running. We have the 5 mm textile pens in many different colours. Enough to make whatever kind of drawings on your clothes. The textile pens are fun for both adults and children to use on clothing, cushions and maybe even bed linen. It is a fun activity for the family to do together or an activity to do at the children’s birthday party.

textile paint

We also have textile paint, which you can use with a pencil, and Soft-Tex paint, which is good for cottons and mixed fabrics with no more than 20% synthetics. It is also good for stretch fabrics.

The screen print colour is good for lighter fabrics – cotton and mixed fabrics. We have glittery, shiny and sharp colours but we also have the more neutral colours such as black and white. We have the paint collection from Timeless Textiles, which is a collection with timeless colours that can be used for almost everything. Timeless also means that it is very durable. The Timeless Screenplay can be used with the stencils prints. The durable paint is very good for children’s clothes since they usually easily get messy and you have to wash their clothes often.

The textile paints are very durable and can be washed many times without disappearing. The colours are especially good on fabrics in lighter colours, but the shiny, glittery and pearly colours can also be used on darker fabrics.

All the textile paints come from our own STOFF & STIL brand. We also have fabric paint spray in different colours you can spray directly on the clothing or other fabrics.

It is also possible to paint the underside of your socks with textile paint. Use our product Sock Stop to paint on your socks. I will look cool and as a bonus feature, Sock Stop will stop your socks from gliding around on slippery floors.

If you like stencil prints for your clothing, we also have that here.

If you are looking for something special in our webshop you can arrange all the textile paints by colour and type. That way you will find what you are looking for a lot quicker.

The textile paints and pens vary in price but are generally cheap and in a high quality that you can wash many times. We deliver all of our textile paints within 5-7 days.