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Staple and nail gun, powerful

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  • Product number: 29811
  • Weight: 945 g per pcs.
  • Material values:
    • 100% Steel

A powerful staple gun for use in hobby projects when durability is a must for you. This staple gun is especially useful for heavy-duty hobby tasks, including upholstery, attaching heavy textiles, carpets, leather, canvas, wire mesh, posters and frames, etc. The staple gun has a smooth discharge mechanism which means that you do not feel a recoil when you use it. Moreover, it has an ergonomic handle and a locking function for safe storage.

You can use either our fine wire staples (type J) or our T-shaped staples in the staple gun.­ To insert the staples into the staple gun, open the loader system at the bottom. Insert your staples with the points facing you. To load T-shaped staples, insert on the left-hand side with the points facing you.

The staple gun is strong and sturdy with two tension settings. Set to normal (marked with -) or max. (marked with +). Use the normal setting if you do not want the staple to fully enter the work. For example, if you wish to add staples to fasten your upholstery fabric temporarily. At the normal setting, you can pull the staple out whereas, at the max. setting, the staple is secure in its final position.

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